Running in Nashville

April 26th, 2010 at 6:27 am by under Healthy Living
A few months ago a couple of my college buddies emailed me and asked about running the Nashville Rock’n Roll 1/2 marathon with them. This wouldn’t really work having just raced a half-iron distance race the weekend before, but I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to be an athletic supporter!!! Those who can’t race-support!
The original idea was that my wife was going to run, but the race was sold out by the time she went to register. She wasn’t too heart broken because the entry for the 1/2 was around $145!

Stuart and Kenan (brothers) did a great job and it was great to see them and their family again!

Me with my homies at the finish line.  And it looks like Kenan may have finally found a steady girl…Brooke, good luck with him!

I did want to add some tips:  Dress In Layers!!!  Man, there were so many people that were over dressed while they were running, and Emily and I had to help one lady when she collapsed at the 12 mile mark.  If you are comfortable (temp. wise) before the race starts, you are probably wearing too many clothes.  Dress in something that you can take off, like a long sleeved shirt or light jacket.  Then when you start getting warm, take it off, tie it around your waist or hand it to a friend on the course.  Another great idea, is to wear an old shirt or something that you can “throw” away.  Once the race starts, take the shirt and toss it (make sure you have something underneath :o ) and you’ll be good.  These “throw” away shirts are then collected and usually donated.

The weather for the half was actually pretty perfect, but probably around the 2.5 hour mark, it started to storm. We headed back to the hotel for some rest, and Allie wanted me to build her a fort to keep her safe!
She hates thunder and lightening!

And look who Emily and I ran into….Last week we were at his house, now we’re partying with him in Nashville! Next time I’ll be in Nashville, it will be with my dad for the Country Music Festival!!! Yeeeee Haaaaw!

It was great seeing everyone again, and I miss my college buds! Tia, take care of Stuart, and Brooke….nice to see ya check’n up Kenan!

My recovery is going great and I’m looking forward to the next build getting ready for the Rev3 event in Quassy!


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