Aging Parents

September 23rd, 2010 at 4:10 pm by under Patrece’s Perspective, WTHI Blog

My Dad is back in the hospital. He went in this weekend and should hopefully be back home in another day or two. He’s having problems with blood clots forming in his legs after having a serious surgery after Christmas.

The only reason why I mention this is because it’s sad for me to admit my parents are getting older. Of course it’s a natural progression of life, but it’s sad for me to see them getting sick.

My Mom and Dad are 75 and 76 and they are blessed to still be active and mostly healthy. But, an emergency surgery right after the holidays forced my father into a tailspin of health problems.

I am blessed to have both my parents still living. I know so many people who’s parents passed on way too early and they are dearly missed. If you are one of those people who’s parent or parents have passed, hopefully you are able to smile at your wonderful memories of that dear person in your life.

For me, I still consider myself “Daddy’s little girl” and he’s supposed to be big and strong, never sick or frail. I guess that’s why they call it the “circle of life”. 

Good health to your loved ones. 


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