Thank a Vet

November 8th, 2010 at 4:40 pm by under Mark Allen's Journal, WTHI Blog

Help me thank the veterans of our community by posting a comment here.

You can thank all veterans or tell us about a particular veteran in your life.

Words can’t express how much we owe these proud Americans but let’s not let Veteran’s day pass without letting them know how much we appreciate their sacrifice.


25 Responses to “Thank a Vet”

  1. Julie Sink says:

    My youngest daughter is a Vet and has been to Iraq and back. It is very difficult being a parent of someone who is deployed and away from home for almost a year. They miss out on holidays, birthdays, weddings and funerals for our freedom. I want everyone to know how proud of my daughter and all other Vets that I am. We should realize how much the words thank you mean! Some Vets did not get a warm welcome home and I think we need to change that feeling by telling them how proud we are.

  2. Sue York says:

    I want to thank my daughter and my son in law. They are both in the US Air Force. At this time my daughter is near Iraq and her husband is in Korea. Their little kids are with caregivers while they serve this great country, and they are so proud to do it. I am so proud of them for what they do, to my first husband who gave his life in Viet Nam, for my 3 brothers who were in the service, and a brother in law who served, along with a nephew. They are my heros. Also we have several men and women in our church who served. God bless all our vet’s who gave their time, and some their lives. If it wasn’t for them we couldn’t enjoy the freedom we do now.

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  4. Holly Curtsinger says:

    I would like to thank my husband, Kyle, for his military service. He spent ten years on active duty with the US Army and I am proud of him for the sacrifices he made for our family.

  5. Lisa VanGilder says:

    i want to tell my husband and his brother thank you for their sacrifices they have made from all of us and that i love you

  6. Linda Austin says:

    I want to thank my son Richard and my son inlaw Jason, for their active service in the military,and all who is serving and has served

  7. nicole turley says:

    i would like to thank my dad and my husband. my dad served in the air force and my husband served in the marines .. and i would like to send my prayrs to all of the otheres who have served and say thank u all

  8. Heather Baker says:

    I am so thankful to my Grandfathers, Jack W. Richardson and George E. Fuller (both WW II) and my father, Jack B. Richardson (Viet Nam) for all they have done for my country and myself! Service to our great nation is one of the most admirable thing that anyone can do. Thank you to all who have served.

  9. Tom Condra says:

    I thank my Band of Brothers…….all combat veterans
    Bob…… U S Army WWII who gave his life in Germany
    Bill…..U S Army Korea
    Don……U S Air Force Vietnam
    Jerry….U S Navy Vietnam

    for sure our freedom is not free……..if you won’t stand behind our troops…feel free to stand in front……………

  10. Dianna Slaven "Annie" says:

    My father, David Slaven Sr. is a veteran of the Vietnam war. Growing up we didn’t talk about the war. I was much older before I truly understood what going to war really meant. And still, I couldn’t imagine it or grasp it. Until last year. I came across a paper bag full of letters to home from Vietnam. They were written from my dad as a teenager at war to his parents. I sat there for hours and read each letter slowly. As tears streamed down my face I began to have a whole new respect for my dad. Although he’s always been my hero, it was that night that I became aware of the seriousness of war. I could feel the sadness deep in my soul. That day changed who I am. So to my dad-o and all veterans I thank you. Love you Dad!!

  11. Lora Mouras-Hyde says:

    Thank you is not enough, by I do want to THANK YOU….To all of the brave Veterans past and present around the world and for their amazing sacrifice & service~~also to the Vets in my family~~Uncle Fred, Uncle Larry, my Dad, brother Gordon and currently in active duty my youngest brother. Thank you for your service to our country. Freedom is not FREE. I love you and this great Nation. BE SAFE! I am so very proud to be an American.

  12. Jennifer Clark says:

    I want to thank my husband James and my brother-in-law Don for their service during Operation Desert Storm and for my dad John and my father-in-law Tom for their service during Vietnam. The entire family is proud of you all for your sacrifice in serving this, the greatest, country in the world!!

  13. I want to THANK my best friend, husband and my hero.. For all the sacrifices he had made. He has been through 3 deployments over seas, and unfortunately this last tour, left him injured. So Thank you Sgt. Truax for all you have given to your country, YOUR awsome and your loved by many… THANKS TO ALL VETERANS, current and retired

  14. Donna Bevis says:

    I want to THANK two of the men in my LIFE-along with the men and ladies they were station with in the U.S.Navy along with every one else who has serverd in and every branch of the service. Love To my HUSBAND AND SON—-Herbert and Kevin Im so proud of you bouth

  15. Kalissa says:

    I stand in the midst of my pain, Wondering whether my future will change, Will I get to go, or will I have to stay, My life still I have, But my future is disarrayed, I was and am willing to die for their stead, To die for my country who never understood, So I write these words to the soldiers who fought and fight to praise them for their blood, their fighting and their strife. They have died for our freedom, they have died so we could complain, So Lord help me this I pray, That I get to stand beside these noble men and wear their noble name. — Kurt Doughty, U.S. Marine

  16. Lisa Kupferer says:

    Thank You to all the Veterans,past and present. I want to thank my husband Jack who served in Viet Nam, my dad, father-in-law, my uncles and friends that served. Thanks is not enough, may God Bless and keep you safe.

  17. Paula Bishop says:

    Thank you to al who have served and continue to serve. You step up to the plate when asked. Knowing how hard it can be and whatyou will miss while your gone. So, THANK YOU ALL! God Bless

  18. Robert Kellum says:

    Hello all,

    I want to thank my grandfather that has passed away this year. He was in World War 2 and was in the platoon that liberated the jews from the concentration camps. I also want to thank my dad for serving for 35 years in the US Air Force. I have myself also served but never seen any combat. I was in the Air National Guard as a weapons loader here in Terre Haute. Was ELS from there as a E-3 A1C. To all of the vets out there today remember some are lost but never forgotten. Doesnt matter what service you was in we are all brothers and sisters. And everytime a soldier falls regardless if I know them or not it brings tears to my eyes. Thank you to all of the vets out there that have served and those of you that has served in the military that arent vets. We are all proud of you and salute you for a awesome job!

  19. Heather Lowe says:

    Thank you doesn’t seem to be a strong enough way to express my gratitude to all Veterans whether Men or Women,who fought in a war or not. My heart goes out to all of you who have kept my life safe here in The United States of America. I also would like to express my love as well. My Grandpa was in the Navy. He fought in WW2 and Korean War. He was in two different Submarines. One called The Plunger and The Ronquill. God Bless all of you!

  20. Susan Boldrey says:

    My son Ryan Hunt was home for Veterans Day but will leave Indiana tomorrow Nov 12th back to his duty station before leaving for Iraq Dec 3rd, thank you for your service to this great country, Love you!

  21. Rick Compton says:

    I am very proud of all who have served, combat or non-combatant. My family has served in all conflicts and wars, ( I myself am a Vietnam-Era vet). Also have current family members serving, and yes, one in the current “conflict”. If, you value the choices that you are enjoying now, take the time to tell a vet that you appreciate their efforts. I served on the USS Francis Marion LPA249 and the USS Trenton LPD14. God Bless each and every Veteran whatever their “Station” in life. Thank You!

  22. Judy Thompson says:

    Mr. George Lewis, thank you so much for sharing your story. I’m a senior citizen, & never knew about the gliders. God Bless YOU!!!

  23. Don McMillin says:

    From one Veteran to other’s that wrote that blank check made payable to the United States of America. Thank You and God Bless Mike Higgins and Brent Wright

  24. Shannon says:

    My dad is a vet. He serve in the navy on a ship. SS863 was the ship he was on. Looking back at the pictures of him on the ship was a very scary thought but I am so proud to have him here today to tell those stories of back then. Still to this day my dad is a fighter and won’t give up on anything. He now works at the school corperation as a mechanic. He’s a real great guy and I thank god everyday to have a father like him. God bless all the veterans!

  25. gary says:

    Your welcome, I am having a tough time dealing with this Holiday. There are so so many more than have gave the ultimate. I did – well not much except my job that I enlisted to do.
    To all familes- be strong and know we hurt also.