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Today is historically the day in 1732 that George Washington was born. Except in 1732, he was born on February 11th! What? It all boils down to the fact that, in some years, February has 29 days, like this year. That’s using the current Gregorian calendar, put into effect in 1752, twenty years after Mr. Washington was born. The Gregorian calendar was adopted because the previous Julian calendar, under which Mr. Washington was born, had become completely distorted in regard to seasons and Easter. As a result, September 2, 1752 was followed immediately by September 14!! Confusing? You bet! I’m still not sure which day should officially be Washington’s birthday.

Rich town, Tucson are different, yet very similar

AZ Daily Star June 7, 2002 | Ernesto Portillo Jr.

COLUMN Ok, so Tucson is not one of the wealthier communities in the country.

We all knew that.

And for those who are familiar with the San Diego area, it was no surprise to read that Rancho Santa Fe is shown by 2000 census figures to be the wealthiest community between the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.

At a short glance, Tucson would have nothing in common with Rancho Santa Fe, an exclusive community north of San Diego where the median price for a house is $1.7 million. The dissimilarities are deep for obvious reasons.

At a longer glance, however, the Old Pueblo has much in common with Rancho Santa Fe. Maybe the commonalities are not many, but they’re enough to equalize us and them. site rancho santa fe

I lived and worked in San Diego County for 15 years. On occasion I was allowed to enter Rancho Santa Fe on the promise that I wouldn’t stay long.

For folks here not familiar with America’s wealthiest community, it is an enclave of elegant mansions, old and new. Most of the houses are hidden from public view, surrounded by eucalyptus trees, lush landscaping, miles of horse trails, walking trails and golf courses.

San Diego County is really a desert, but since the annual per capita income is $113,132, Rancho Santa Fe residents can afford to water the grass and plants on their estates.

Rancho Santa Fe is east of Del Mar, its poor coastal relation. Although less wealthy, Del Mar has boffo beaches, which Rancho Santa Fe does not have. But if it wanted, Rancho Santa Fe could buy Del Mar’s beaches.

I’m sure you’re asking now, what similarities does Rancho Santa Fe have with Tucson?

To start off with, Tucson and Rancho Santa Fe depend on Mexican laborers. The immigrant workers serve as gardeners, nannies, dishwashers and do a host of other menial chores.

If the U.S-Mexican border were to be sealed off today, both communities would suffer dramatic economic consequences tomorrow.

Another similarity is that both communities have insufficient roads to handle the overabundance of automobiles.

We know what it’s like here. In Rancho Santa Fe, there are just several, two-lane roads that service the village. For many San Diego County commuters who cut through Rancho Santa Fe between the coast and the inland suburbs, traffic is a slow pain. go to website rancho santa fe

And like Tucsonans, Rancho Santa Fe residents would strongly object to plans to widen roads or build a grade-separated interchange because of the disruption it would cause to their community.

Then there are the village center of Rancho Santa Fe and Tucson’s Downtown.

They are both small and attract few people. Neither one has a movie theater. Other than a couple of nice restaurants, there is no good reason to visit at night.

Some of the Rancho’s more famous residents reportedly include Microsoft’s Bill Gates, pop singer Jewel and the sultan of Brunei.

Tucson can boast that it’s a home away from home, or was, for Beatle Paul McCartney and Billy Gibbons of the rock band ZZ Top.

Rancho Santa Fe has its miles of hiking and horse trails. Tucson has miles of trails, too.

They have groves of eucalyptus trees. We have groves of saguaros.

So Rancho Santa Fe is richer than Tucson? It is just money.

Ernesto Portillo Jr.

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  1. nicole says:

    I remember my earth space science teacher talkinh about this as well one day. She said that there’s technically 24 hours a day and it takes the earth 25 or 26 hours to rotate or something like that. So for the longeat amount of time peole were always confused on what the earth was doing. She said thats why we have leap year and the time changes because they even things telling u what I can remembet from five years ago in class so it might be backwards lol