Share your Chauncey Rose memory

May 17th, 2012 at 12:35 pm by under News

We’re working on a story for News 10 at 6 about the final days of Chauncey Rose Middle School. As you know, the building will no longer serve as a school after this year, and many of you either know someone, or went to Chauncey Rose. Share a memory, we’ll share a few responses tonight at 6:00.

11 Responses to “Share your Chauncey Rose memory”

  1. Eric Stidman says:

    I’ll never forget my time at Chauncey Rose. I participated in band and on the track team. My. Myers science class was a blast too! Some of the friends and memories are things I’ll not forget!

  2. CeCe Meyers says:

    My son is in 7th grade there andi would love nothing more than for him to beable to finish his junior high years there. So sad and disappointed that he cant

  3. Amanda Perry says:

    I’ll never forget my time there! Participating in choir, forming friendships and learning from some of the best teachers I ever had. Mr. Higham’s social studies class, Mr. Spivey’s technology class and Mr. Myers science class! It’s sad to think that the school is closing as I have so many great memories from there. Nonetheless, I’ll always be a Chauncey Rose Royal!

  4. I went to Chauncey Rose in 7th grade!!
    I enjoyed every day i had there.
    The teachers were extremely nice & gave their all to help us learn what we needed to!
    I think everyone should give Chauncey Rose another chance!!
    Your not just taking away the school, Your taking away our learning opportunities.

  5. Joe Vest (Big Vest) says:

    I actually got that nickname (big vest) when I was playing football there. Ill never forget I think it was in 2000 when I was in 7th grade we won the football championship. That was amazing and GREAT times. i actually still got my championship jacket that my son will wear some day and ill know he will be as proud as I was to where it. GO CHAUNCEY ROSE ROYALS!!!! Thanks for the GREAT memories!

  6. Kim 'Mars' Norris says:

    Chauncey Rose was a great school with amazing teachers. I formed friendships there that have lasted through the years. I remember Mrs. Foltz’s social studies class, which was a riot. I had a blast on the dance team and when we took our 8th grade field trip to Ski World.
    -Chauncey Rose, thank you for the “good Ol’ days”!!!

  7. Jessica Pine says:

    I loved Chauncey Rose it was a great school. That is where most of my friendship was made that lasted all through high school. All the teachers that I had was great. I miss that school.

  8. dennis joseph says:

    i am in the 8th grade at CRMS right now. i am so happy to finish my middle years there yet sad that they are closing. my favorite memory from chauncey rose was when my art teacher Mr. Hutchins going “NNIIIGH!!” when i showed him my artwork. Good bye CRMS. i will miss you

  9. Samie EAGLIN COBIX says:

    I went to chauncey and loved it was 3 of my favorite years of school. i made a lot of friendships there some who are pretty much my family, some teachers from there i became really close with because of the support they gave me when i needed it. i loved being in the band and choir when i was there my 8th grade year i managed all 3 girls basketball teams in which that year Mr. Mason and Mr. Petty lead the girls to a 15-0 reacord and championship. the teachers were awesome and gave there all to every student to make sure they were successful not just in school but life in general. i have to say some of my favorite teachers were mrs. herner, Mr. spivey, mr.petty, mr. mason,mr. bray,mr. sipes, mr. myers ,mr. joyce and of course Mrs.Marchese. my finally words are that this is a wonderful school and i am sad to see it close its a shame such a good school will no longer be around.

  10. Angela Houpt says:

    I was at Chauncey when it was a Jr. High school 7th, 8th, and 9th grades… I was the last freshman class that had went through the school… I meet my first husband my daughters father at Chauncey… I remember the best memories from Chauncey like our field trip to Indy Zoo… and the teachers were the best and actually cared. Thanks to Mrs. Leinbach I loved math again… Mr. Kelty and Mrs. McDonald keep english intersting. Mrs. Roshline was a awsome gym teacher… Mr. Wright was a great science teacher… I remember the new social studies teacher Mr. Isom… I never had Mrs. Foltz but loved her all the same … I loved band and all… that is a few who stick out at me ooo and Mr. Hackney was a awsome art teacher… Smodilla was amazing and funny… My daughter that is now a Junior graduated from Chauncey and my middle child, my son will graduate from there this year…. hate to see this school go.. but hoping all the teacher now will go on and stay the way they are they are awsome too … Tears will flow out of my eyes tonite as my son plays his last and the last band concert they will have tonite @5 …. and tears again Sat. and on my sons graduation day…

  11. larry rowley says:

    I played basketball at chauncey my 8th grade year in 2002.shorty after the season was over my mom passed away and I went to live with my dad and transfered to west vigo. At the end of the school year chauncey has a annual teacher vs student basketball game. All the staff from chauncey arranged with west vigo for me to come back for one day as a chauncey student just so I could play the game I was looking forward to….I will never forget that.