Too much drought talk?

July 30th, 2012 at 9:38 am by under Mark Allen's Journal, WTHI Blog

This drought has made me recall a fella I did a story with a few years ago.

Jerry Shea was a kid during the 1936 drought. He talked about all the terrible suffering that happened during that drought. Hundreds of people died, mostly children and the elderly. Jerry talked about how people would line the streets at the sound of thunder, and every time though the thunder faded off in the distance and no rain fell.

It went on that way for months, but I remember one question I asked Jerry that has always stuck in my mind.
I asked “What did people say about the drought during those times?”
His simple answer….”We never spoke of it.” He went on to explain that people simply accepted it as just the way it was.

I’ve often thought since that maybe we do talk about this drought too much. In fact I just had that thought again, but then it struck me , “’oh, wait I just talked about it again.”

2 Responses to “Too much drought talk?”

  1. Gary Duncan says:

    Actually,aren’t we currently experiencing relatively normal summer weather? From the second week of July till roughly the third week of September precipitation is minimal, and the daytime temperature usually hovers in the upper nineties.

    The “drought” we experienced occurred during Spring and early Summer when we normally receive a higher amount of precipitation, which is often accompanied by thunderstorms.

  2. Shaun Kleinschmidt says:

    Actually, Gary, no, this is not normal summer weather. We are in a rather EXTREME drought, and I don’t remember it being in the upper 90 and lower hundreds like this as long as I can remember. Yes, summer is normally a little hot and dry, but not like this.