October, 2012


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Tonight, Halloween, has a long history concerning folklore.  Known as “All Hallow’s Eve”, it is the night before All Saints’ Day, also known as, Samhain (pronounced Sam-ween).  All Saints’ Day was established by the early Church to counteract the pagan roots of the Celtic “All Hallow’s Eve”, a night of celebrating the dead.  So, the night we call Halloween has long been know as the night that lost souls wandered the land.  To help guide the lost souls, people would set out candles or lanterns, which later turned into the custom of carving pumpkins and placing a light in them.  Bonfires were also built.  Another old custom was to leave little cakes out for the wandering souls so they could eat….and not bother the living!  Eventually, people started dressing up as these lost souls and asking for food, a practice called “guising”.  Going place to place out of costume was called, “mumming”.

Concerning weatherlore, the night we know as Halloween is a marking point on the calendar.  It is the mid-point (give or take a day) between the first day of autumn and the first day of  winter.  It is also an ancient harvest celebration, marking the end of the growing season and the beginning of the dark, cold months.

The Final Countdown…to Election Day

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Well we are just 6 days away from the election and no matter where I turn people want to talk politics. For me it can be a little bittersweet. All the excitement leading up and Wednesday the 7th it’s all over.

Since 1992, elections have been my hobby; obviously the presidential election is exciting, but yes I love the off-year city council elections just as much. I think it’s the one time we participate in a singularly unique process across the world, specifically the Electoral College. (Now whether or not you agree or disagree with the process is a whole different argument; email me or message me if you’d like to share your opinion.)

But back to the week leading up, today Joe Astrouski (of News and Storm Team 10 fame) and I were talking about past elections and some of the fun facts associated with them, so I thought I’d share some with you:

Did you know?

-since 1860, Republicans have won every presidential election held on November 6th.
1860: Abraham Lincoln defeated Stephen Douglas
1888: Benjamin Harrison beat Grover Cleveland
1900: William McKinley over William Jennings Bryan
1928: Herbert Hoover beat Al Smith
1956: Dwight D. Eisenhower defeated Adlai Stevenson
1984: Ronald Reagan over Walter Mondale

-No Republican presidential candidate has won an election in the last 60 years without a Nixon or Bush on their ticket.

-Only 12 US presidents have been elected for a second term.

-No Democrat has won consecutive elections by a majority of the popular vote since Franklin Roosevelt.

If you search on the internet there are copious facts for the election, but I thought I’d share those with you.

Enjoy the next 6 days. After that politics returns to it’s place on the back burner.

If you have any fun facts, questions, or memories of past presidential races share them here.

Halloween Forecast!

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Happy Halloween, everyone! The sky has really cleared out for us today making way for lots of sunshine! Unfortunately, it’ll still be rather breezy and cold. Wind gusts out of the northwest up to 30 mph will keep temperatures down with highs only in the upper 40s. We’re on track to have the coolest Halloween in 10 years! It’ll be chilly for trick-or-treating tonight as temps fall through the 30s this evening.

Overnight low temperatures will drop back near 26° with mostly clear skies.  A freeze warning will be in effect for our IL counties from 2 a.m. – 8 a.m. CDT Thursday morning. We’ll finally see the winds calming down for Thursday with partly to mostly sunny skies and highs near 52°.


High Winds Again Today

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A wind advisory is in effect for Indiana locations through 8 p.m. EDT for wind gusts up to 50 mph. Everyone will experience the very windy conditions for today. A few spotty showers are possible to the east with otherwise partly to mostly cloudy skies. High temperatures will top out near 50°.

The gusty winds will continue through the overnight with gusts from the northwest up near 40 mph as temps drop back near 33°. The winds will finally calm down a bit for Wednesday with partly to mostly sunny skies and high temperatures in the lower 50s.

It’ll be a very chilly evening for Trick-or-Treating as temperatures will fall back near 30° Wednesday night into Thursday morning.

Very Gusty Winds

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We’ll see increasing cloud cover and winds with a sustained breeze out of the north near 25 mph and gusts as high as 40 mph. Temperatures will climb into the lower 50s. We’ll drop back into the mid 30s during the overnight under partly cloudy skies.

Very windy conditions will settle in for Tuesday as we start the feel the impacts of Hurricane Sandy to our east. Gusts from the northwest near 45 mph are possible. It’ll be partly cloudy and still cool with highs near 50°. Very light showers are possible late Tuesday into early Wednesday with temperatures dropping back into the lower 30s.




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With Hurricane Sandy combining with another storm system, we have the makings of a massive, destructive storm.  This set-up is eerily similar to what happened on almost the same day in 1991.  The storm was the inspiration for the term, “The Perfect Storm”, and has also been called the “Halloween Nor’easter of 1991″.  If you are inclined to think weather history doesn’t repeat itself, check this out:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1991_Perfect_Storm


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By now, most everyone has become aware of one of the worst Atlantic storms in recorded history.  We will feel the impact of the storm here in the Wabash Valley, mainly through gusty wind and cooler than normal temperatures.  The east coast is going to get hit hard.  One of the main threats in a storm like this is the storm surge.  That is, the rise of water along the coastline.  The FULL MOON will play a significant role in making this storm surge even larger than it might be at another time.  That’s because the Moon causes tides to be naturally higher.  The influence of the Moon on this storm should not be underestimated.  In addition to the high wind and heavy rain, the expected storm surge will be expecially damaging.  This is another example of how the Moon impacts our weather.  Here are some links for you to follow concerning this extreme storm:  http://www.accuweather.com/en/weather-news/updates-sandys-catastrophic-im/746423; http://www.accuweather.com/en/features/sandy


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The International Space Station, which is docked with the SpaceX Dragon capsule will pass through the NNW sky tonight at 7:12 EDT.  Hope for a clear sky in that direction.  The Space Station will appear as a bright white light moving steadily to the NNE.  It will not flash.  This will be the brightest pass until October 28th.  Here are all the details from the web site Heavens-Above.  Good luck with your viewing!

Date Brightness Start Highest point End
(mag) Time Alt. Az. Time Alt. Az. Time Alt. Az.
26 Oct -2.0 19:12:51 10° NNW 19:15:44 26° NNE 19:15:53 26° NNE
27 Oct -1.5 18:23:40 10° NNW 18:26:05 18° NNE 18:28:29 10° ENE
27 Oct -1.4 19:59:45 10° NW 20:01:32 29° WNW 20:01:32 29° WNW
28 Oct -3.3 19:10:15 10° NW 19:13:34 61° NE 19:14:27 42° E
29 Oct -2.5 18:20:50 10° NW 18:23:57 35° NNE 18:27:02 10° E
29 Oct -1.1 19:57:46 10° WNW 20:00:24 23° SW 20:00:24 23° SW
30 Oct -2.2 19:07:49 10° WNW 19:11:01 44° SW 19:13:40 14° SSE
31 Oct -3.2 18:18:05 10° NW 18:21:26 87° SW 18:24:45 10° SE
01 Nov -0.3 19:06:01 10° W 19:08:05 16° SW 19:10:07 10° SSW
02 Nov -1.0 18:15:35 10° WNW 18:18:31 28° SW 18:21:25 10° SSE
04 Nov 0.7 18:14:56 10° WSW 18:15:13 10° SW 18:15:29 10° SW


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Tonight is the final installment of my series about the ‘lost locomotives’ in the Wabash River beneath the old Big Four Bridge.  After after a four month investigation, I’m ready to give you my answer.  That’s tonight at 6pm EDT on News 10.  Plus, I’ll have a live in-studio demonstration!  Hope you can catch the conclusion of this series.

Big Changes Have Moved In!

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As promised, the days of well above average temperatures have ended. After a wave of rain showers rolled through along a cold front during the early morning hours, we’re now seeing cloud cover and cooler temperatures remaining. High temperatures will run about 30° cooler than yesterday only reaching the lower 50s. Wind gusts will be on the stronger side out of the north near 25-30 mph.

We’ll see partly cloudy skies during the overnight as we drop all the way back into the mid 30s. Saturday will be mostly sunny, but still cool with highs near 53°.

Overnight low temperatures will be in the lower 30s for this weekend with highs on Sunday in the lower 50s under mostly sunny skies.Temperatures will stay below average during the next week with highs in the upper 40s and lower 50s. Overnight low temperatures will hover around the freezing mark!