October 26th, 2012 at 2:47 pm by under Kevin Orpurt's Blog, WTHI Blog

Tonight is the final installment of my series about the ‘lost locomotives’ in the Wabash River beneath the old Big Four Bridge.  After after a four month investigation, I’m ready to give you my answer.  That’s tonight at 6pm EDT on News 10.  Plus, I’ll have a live in-studio demonstration!  Hope you can catch the conclusion of this series.

3 Responses to “LOCOMOTIVE FOUND?”

  1. Joni Casteel says:

    so after all that hipe nothing on the conclusion is here?
    sorry life kept me from watching last night.
    There must be nothing under there.

  2. Dennis Steckley says:

    Yes, but what did you find? Every night we were told that we could get the information on the website. I had to miss the last night on the news–and here I find ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! What a disappointing build up all for nothing. You should be ashamed!

  3. Jim Mancourt says:

    I also missed the last installment of the train wreck on the Wabash. Is there a train in the river? I’m dying to know. Will you tell us please?