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December 12th, 2012 at 8:45 pm by under Gadget Talk, WTHI Blog

Do you have Apple maps on your iPhone? If you did the latest software update to 6.0 you do.

Apple replaced the default maps app, which was Google, to their own in house maps app.

There have been a lot of bad reviews for it. The map doesn’t even get my street name right on the south side of Terre Haute.

Apple is working to make it better, but in the meantime, what is your alternative?

My favorite is a free app called Waze.

Waze relies heavily on user generated data, which means if there is an error, you can submit a fix for it. With that said, I’ve had the app on my phone for a couple of years now, and have rarely seen an error.

Another (huge) benefit to the user generated data is the interaction with other drivers.

For example, my wife and I took a trip to Indianapolis a week or so ago. We got stuck on I-70 in construction. My wife sent a message to a car ahead of us, using the Waze app, and asked if it was looking better….or if we should get off at the next exit. We received our answer and continued on our trip.

The app also includes turn by turn navigation, again, for free.

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