Kicking Off A Warming Trend

December 12th, 2012 at 8:50 am by under Weather

Today: We’ll kick off a warming trend today as high temperatures return to the mid 40s. Expect a clear sky and lots of sunshine.

Tonight: The clear sky will make way for another cold overnight as temperatures fall back near 24°. Frost will develop as well, so keep that in mind for tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow: High pressure remains in control through Thursday, so once again the sky will be clear with sunshine prevailing. Temperatures will be just a bit warmer, getting up near 49°.

Extended Outlook: Look for mostly sunny skies on Friday with highs near 50°. The dry streak of weather will come to an end by Saturday as scattered rain showers return to the Valley. Temperatures will stay above the average daytime high of 42° until we head into early next week. At that point, more seasonal air will return.

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Dude, Kick ass pics! How was Cuba?? Do you wear nothing but Olive Green Che srtihs now? Probably Anyway, got more snow in Vermont last week. Nothing stuck but still really?? Hopefully all this rain means spring is en route, but you can never be too sure. Anyway, it looks like you’re having a ton of fun, man. My best to Lindsey your little pooch.Can’t wait to catch up soo::SUPRISE CHARLIE HORSE!::n man,-JZ