Reviewed: LG Optimus G Pro

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The  Optimus G Pro is the newest powerhouse phone to come from LG.

It’s an AT&T exclusive phone that on contract will cost you $199 for the 32 gig version. If you need more room, you can add an additional 32 gig microSD card. It ships with Android 4.1, also known as Jelly Bean.

Now that we got all of that out of the way, lets talk about how this phone actually works.

My first impressions when I opened this thing up were…wow this thing is huge…and is this a Samsung Galaxy Note II?

Neither one of those are really a bad thing though. I kind of like the look of the Note II. And the screen on this guy is very easy on the eyes.

As I said, this phone is huge. You’re looking at a 5.5 inch display…and it’s gorgeous. LG packed quite the display with this phone. The colors are very vibrant and the text is easy to read.

Call quality is about what you would expect. People could hear me, and i could hear them with no problems. A noise cancelling microphone on the phone will help if you are in a less then quiet area.

I do have a couple of complaints with the design of the phone though. My biggest are the soft keys, and the home button on the bottom/front of the phone.

I’m one that rests my thumbs on the bottom when I’m not actively clicking or scrolling. There is a back button where my left thumb would be, and a menu button where my right thumb would be. This has caused a couple frustrating menu pop-ups or back on the browser accidents.

My other complaint is the home button. It’s long enough, but not nearly tall enough. You kind of feel like you have to jam your finger at it a couple of times to get it to go. Don’t get me wrong, it’s responsive…just not easy to actually push.

The phone has a plastic feel to it, but to me it didn’t cheapen it. It’s a very solid plastic. It feels sturdy, yet light.

On the sides you have your standard fare of volume buttons, a head phone jack on top and a charging port on the bottom.

The most…or one of the most important things to me are the battery. The specs claim this device has about 15 hours of talk time, and about 24 days of standby (if you’re not using your phone) time.

The guts of this phone are what are impressive though. I won’t bore you with the specs, you can find them here if you’re curious. Just know, this thing can move. Moving between menus is a very smooth and quick process. I didn’t notice any lag in my tests.

I was not however impressed with off of the bloat ware on this phone. For those that may not know, bloat ware is the demo style apps that come preinstalled on your device. This does not slow down the device, but it does take up some of the phones hard drive.

The camera on this guy is very nice as well. It is equipped with a 13 megapixel real camera and a 2 megapixel front camera.

I was most impressed with the macro…or taking very up close photos though. The phone did an excellent job in this area.

The video camera is a 1080p full HD, which is pretty standard on most high end smart phones these days.

One thing I did find rather frustrating with the camera is when I actually tried to take photos, I was consistently pressing the sleep button. The sleep button (which actually puts the phone to sleep) is on the side. So if you are taking landscape (the phone on it’s side) photos, you may bump the button until you get use to it being there.

One feature that does set this one apart from any other phone I’ve play with is a feature they call duel recording. Basically it records on the front and read camera at the same time. I can’t think of a time when though would be handy, but hey, it’s kind of a cool feature none the less.

One of the coolest features with the phone though is the IR beam. In English, that means you can use this phone as a remote.

It gives you the option to pair the device with a tv, dvd or blu-ray player, projectors…basically anything that uses a remote to control.

It paired up very easily with the TVs in the newsroom, I didn’t have to input any pain in the butt codes to get it to work. Very cool feature!

This phone does have LTE access, which can provide very fast internet over the cell network. The problem with that though is locally, AT&T does not provide it. You’ll still be accessing the 4G network.

What’s the bottom line with this phone?

It was too big for me. For some, that’s not a bad thing…but if you want a phone to drop in your pocket and forget about…this one is not for you. But if you are into the huge screen this phone is right up your ally. In general I liked this phone. The soft keys were kind of an issue for me, but not something I don’t think I couldn’t get use to with use. I would recommend it to somebody looking to upgrade in the world of Android based cell phones!

The phone ships May 10th and can be found on AT&T’s network. If you are interested in ordering, click here!

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