May 12th, 2013 at 4:50 pm by under Kevin Orpurt's Blog, Weather, WTHI Blog

There is a FROST ADVISORY for the area tonight (Sunday night).  Under a clear sky, expect the temperature to drop into the mid 30s.  With a light breeze, scattered areas of frost could develop.  I don’t expect this to be a killing frost, but delicate plants could be ‘nipped’ a little by the frost.  If you choose to cover delicate or newly planted plants, cloth is the best covering.  You can use plastic, but be sure to put little stakes in the ground so the plastic doesn’t directly touch the plants.  You can also use paper if you like.  Most plants will make it through tonight, but it’s those delicate or newly planted plants that are most at risk.

One Response to “FROST ADVISORY!”

  1. Joseph R. Freeman, Sr says:

    There was ICE on my birdbath this morning at 7:30. Didn’t think that would happen as I live in town in Brazil. WOW, was I shocked!