January 16th, 2014 at 10:54 pm by under Kevin Orpurt's Blog, Weather, WTHI Blog

A rare weather event occurred Thursday afternoon in Edgar County, Illinois near Twin Lakes.  Called, “Snow Rollers”, these cotton-candy like rolls of snow are formed under the most ideal conditions.  Here are the things that need to happen. 1.)  They must occur on ice or hard-packed snow.  2.)  The snow must be loose and near the freezing point.  3.)  There must be a breezy, but it cannot be too windy.

The wind rolls the loose snow over the hard surface and into a roll of snow!  This occurs very rarely, especially around here.  The last time it happened was on February 12, 2003.  Here is a picture.  Enjoy the beauty of nature!snow rollers-web1

One Response to “SNOW ROLLERS RETURN!”

  1. Jonathan Hoover says:

    I saw these Thursday evening as well. It was the first time I saw them in person. Though I live in Edgar county illinois, I was visiting family in Parke county and saw 2 fields there with the rollers. I took pics with my phone and uploaded them on the WTHI report it now option on my phone. Not sure if all were uploaded though. It was cool to see them and how large they can get. In one pic it resembles the surface of the moon!