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I’ve been getting several reports lately about people hearing loud, mysterious booms.  There is no apparent source and the booms are strong enough and loud enough to shake houses, rattle windows, upset animals and create overall confusion.  Many of the reports I’ve had are from southeast Illinois.  Lawrence County, Richland County and Crawford County have been among the most frequent reporting locations.  There are two aspects of these booms that are of interest.  The first is that they are being heard all over the globe, and the second is that NOBODY seems to know what is causing them.

One name given to these booms is, “Seneca Guns”.  It’s a word first used to describe them in a short story written by James Fennimore Cooper in the 1800s.  Yes, these booms have been heard for more than a century and probably longer.

Some scientists believe they might be caused by shallow earthquakes that are too weak to be registered on seismographs.  Others think the booms may have an atmospheric origin similar to thunder, but the sounds have been heard when no clouds or storms are around.  Some speculate they might be caused by meteors entering the atmosphere, but a meteor big enough to cause a boom would likely be large enough to be seen.  There is a faction that believes that the booms are being caused by cloaked UFOs or secret military aircraft.  It is true that some of these booms have been admittidley caused by the military, but those are few and far between. One interesting point is that similar booms were reportedly heard in the months prior to the Great New Madrid Earthquakes of 1811-1812.

So, the question remains whether these booms come from the earth, the sky or some other unknown source.  The bottom line is that they are heard all over the globe, have been heard for a long time and nobody knows where they come from.  The booms, for now, remain a true mystery.

If you’ve experience these booms, I’d like to know about it.  Let me know when and where and also what you think might be going on.  Perhaps together we can find an answer.  Contact me at:


7 Responses to “THOSE MYSTERY BOOMS”

  1. Jason Jackson says:

    hey kevin, this is a subject that has really interested me in the past couple of years. this has been a frequent talk on the radio show “Coast To Coast AM with George Noory” here recently.

  2. Lisa says:

    I heard these booms one evening coming home from work ( around 11 pm ) I was on Wabash ave and it was so loud and hard that it shook the vehicle a little , I thought to my self welllllll maybe it is for the black birds then I was told they don’t do that kind of stuff in the winter time like this. All I know is the booms were horrible and there were 2 of them …this happened about 3 weeks ago.

  3. Shannon Kittle says:

    We heard and felt them here in Richland Co. IL. on January 5th. There were two incidents a short time apart. Wedid not know what they were. I jokingly said maybe tiny earthquakes.

  4. Megan Althoff says:

    I heard 2 of the booms up in Champaign County this morning(1/29/14). The first was at 5:45am and the 2nd was at 6:20am. Felt my house move as well. Would be interesting to find out what they are!

  5. Mickey Smallwood says:

    Hey Kevin!
    What happened to Global Warming?

  6. Mona Nease says:

    Hey Kevin
    On January 26 in the afternoon we heard 2 booms about an hour apart in Richland Co.

  7. Margaret Inboden says:

    Hey Kevin! We were traveling this weekend in Indianapolis on way to Ohio. Was reading some of their news and saw where they were having the same booms as we were hearing. The article called them Frost quakes! When ground temps change so quick it makes that noise with no tremors! Check it out ! Sure sounds like what we were hearing and accured when temps made big change!