March 4th, 2014 at 8:58 pm by under Kevin Orpurt's Blog

As of March 4th, there have been 63 days in the year.


25 of those days had a temperature in the single digits or below 0.

47 days had temperatures that were below average.

4 Responses to “SO, YOU THINK IT’S BEEN COLD…..”

  1. Mike Berry says:

    Hey Kevin, I appreciate the info but have some additional questions about this lingering winter… it seems so much colder and so much more snow than most I have experienced in the last 60 years. how does it really compare?

  2. David McClain says:

    Really seems like more of a normal winter from when I was young. Of course I’m only 43!

  3. debbie holman says:

    hey kevin! I have a question reguarding the quiz question on Monday. if sleet is frozen when it falls is it then similar to hail? like little baby hail? LOL since im here would like to tell you how much we enjoy you and ch 10! have been a fan for ….well a good long time! thank you for all you do !

  4. cold says:

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