Rain pushes in, cold air follows.

April 13th, 2014 at 9:19 pm by under Weather, WTHI Blog

As we head into our Sunday night and wake up for our early morning commute, rain will be moving in with our next wave of energy. A low pressure will kick eastward and drag a cold front with colder air behind it in for the start of our new week. A very basic idea looks like this…


This front is sparking rain showers and thunderstorms as our Sunday night approaches. We will go from daytime highs in the 70s today to highs really dropping into the 40s mostly for our Monday. As this front approaches, it will push that warm air up and cool off, condense, and fall as rain and even cause some friction for lightning. We can see this line move in late tonight. Timing is looking to be near midnight.


The heavy rain and thunderstorm chances will be in front of the cold front and along the front as seen above (11 PM). More widespread rain will take over as the morning hours move in, and throughout the day. Expect the rain showers to be on and off for your Monday. Get the rain gear ready!

This is what one of our models is painting for rainfall potential through the night and into Monday evening…rainfall413

I was personally adding up to around .6″ of precipitation totals with more possible around the Effingham, Richland and Cumberland Illinois counties.

Temperatures really fall behind this front, here is a look at our 7day. Keep in mind our “High” tomorrow will occur at midnight and fall through the day. The low will probably happen late Monday night then.


Expect temperatures around the mid 40s for your Monday late afternoon and evening. Have a great start to your work week and stay dry and warm! JD



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