Feb. 1st Winter Storm Potential

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Weekend Snow Forecast: A winter weather system is set to move into the Valley beginning late Saturday through Sunday evening.

A Winter Storm Watch will go into effect for most of central Indiana including Vermillion-Parke-Putnam-Owen-Clay-Vigo counties from 7 p.m. EST Saturday through 7 a.m. EST Monday, and Douglas-Coles-Edgar counties in Illinois from Saturday evening through Sunday evening.

These locations will see the highest snowfall totals ranging from 6-8″.

winter storm watch


Rain will be possible at first mainly after 3 p.m. EST on Saturday as temperatures will still be in the upper 30s. As colder air rushes in, this changes into a wintry mix of mainly snow through the overnight.

By daybreak on Sunday, light accumulations will be possible as the heaviest of snow will come Sunday 7 a.m. – 2 p.m. EST. Precipitation clears by Sunday evening.

Snowfall Potential:

Accumulations will vary widely from north to south. Highest snowfall totals will be north of I-70 in the 6-8″ range from places like Paris, IL through Vermillion, Parke and Putnam counties in Indiana. This is where the forecast confidence is highest.

Confidence is lower through the I-70 corridor, from Effingham through Casey, Terre Haute, Brazil and Bloomington, IN, where temperatures will push the freezing mark on Sunday causing rain to potentially mix in cutting down overall snowfall potential. Look for a 3-6″ snowfall range, with Terre Haute on the higher end of that scale. Keep in mind that if we see more rain mixing in, snowfall totals will be much less than the projected 3-6″.

Lower amounts stay south where more rain will mix with snow, reducing overall accumulation. Southern Martin-Daviess-Knox counties (in Indiana) and southern Lawrence-Richland-Clay counties in Illinois we see snowfall totals from 1-3″.

snowfall potential

**These snowfall predictions are based off of Friday afternoon weather models. Updates to come could impact these projections as we get closer to the actual event. Check back with us for the evolution of this system over the next 36-48 hrs.**

Stay tuned to Storm Team 10 for the very latest weather information both on-air and online at

Monday Severe Storm Potential

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A strong low pressure system will impact the Wabash Valley today, bringing in the potential of strong to severe storms during the late afternoon and evening hours. The Storm Prediction Center has placed the entire Valley is under a “slight risk” of severe storms.

severe storm risk


This afternoon (through 5 p.m. EDT): Pre-frontal storms will be rather scattered in nature and push through this afternoon. We will then see a break in the rain through 5 p.m. before the main line of storms moves in from the west.

Highest threat of severe weather is approximately 6 p.m. – 11 p.m. EDT: Thunderstorms will be likely along a squall line moving from west to east throughout the evening hours. There is a threat of damaging wind gusts in excess of 60 mph along with brief spin-ups within the line itself.


After 11 p.m. EDT: The main line will exit to east and lingering rain showers and storms will continue into the overnight.

Winds will remain strong gusting as high as 30 mph at times throughout the day and this evening.

Storm Team 10 will bring you the very latest with the changing weather situation both on-air (if warranted) and online throughout the rest of the day.

First day of summer…temperatures are right on target.

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The start of our astronomical summer kicked off at 6:51 AM this morning and it has looked great through the day. Although we’ve already seen summer conditions today was the official start!


Temperatures for our first day of summer have been just around our 30 year average for this time of year. Highs today topping off in the mid to upper 80s and it’s just been a warm, sunny summer day.


Here is a look ahead though…Rainy unsettled summer weather sets up for the new week.7day621



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 This map shows what is causing us to have showers and thundershowers. And, with plenty of moisture from the Gulf of Mexico, we can’t rule out the possibility of heavy rain at times.  The low pressure you see in Illinois will gradually move up into Indiana, but our chances of rain will continue through at least Wednesday night.


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Here is an excellent link explaining how important a role weather played in the execution of D-Day.

Wednesday Severe Storm Potenial

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A tricky storm forecast is setting up for Wednesday with multiple storm “complexes” possibly impacting the Wabash Valley.

Round 1: The first is developing to our west today will move southeast into our furtherest west Illinois counties during the very early morning hours on Wednesday. If it holds together, we could see severe storms throughout the Valley.

Timing: 4 a.m. – 8 a.m. EDT

Threat:  Damaging wind gusts and heavy rain

 severe risk 1 Futurecast 1 Futurecast 2

Round 2: Depending on where the first complex of storms fizzles out and if the atmosphere recovers, a second complex of storms could redevelop and intensify Wednesday afternoon.  The exact timing and positioning is rather uncertain at this time because a lot depends on the first storm system.

Timing: Approx. 2 p.m. – 8 p.m. EDT

Threat: Damaging wind gusts, large hail, heavy rain (1-2″ with isolated spots up to 3″), flash flooding and rotating thunderstorms

 severe risk 2 Futurecast 3Futurecast 4

Thunderstorms will push out Wednesday evening and quiet conditions return for Thursday and Friday.

Stayed tuned to Storm Team 10 for the very latest on the changing weather situation through tomorrow evening.


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Warm and rather humid conditions will continue Tuesday night and Wednesday.  A weak cold front will drop south into the region Wednesday afternoon and bring a better chance of more widely spread showers and thunderstorms.7day


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Looks like we’re headed for a warm stretch of weather for the last week of May.  Occasional thunderstorms are also possible.7day

It’s surely been a seasonal see-saw.

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It’s May 18th and we are comfortably enjoying temperatures in the lower to mid 60s. I’m not complaining it feels great outside with the sun pouring down across the Wabash Valley, but this is after two really cold mornings. One breaking a record, that was Saturday the 17th of 39 degrees…and then we tied a morning low today Sunday the 18th at 37 degrees.

Typically we have daytime high temperatures around 76 degrees for this time of the year with overnight lows at 53 degrees. Our weekend wasn’t even close as cold air masked the region. It has been hard bouncing from the 80s to 50s to 30s to 40s over a weeks length, leaving you wondering if it will ever consistently stay warm.

Well we are once again looking at temperatures swinging from the 50s this weekend to the 80s by Tuesday which is a 30 degree increase.  For the time of year though it’s rather common and it leaves gardeners and farmers with a headache trying to pick and choose the best time to plant your crop. For now, those cold morning temperatures look behind us, with another topple in the see-saw.


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Here is the expected position of a cold front tomorrow afternoon-evening.  Ahead of this front, thunderstorms and rain will develop.  Behind the front, the air is about 20° colder than it was on Monday.  We can expect the cooler air to hang around for a few days, along with the possibility of scattered showers and perhaps a thundershower.  The temperature will gradually rise as we head toward the weekend.