Winter Snow Storm Pushes in Tonight

March 1st, 2014 at 8:54 pm by under Weather, WTHI Blog

An expansive winter storm will move in tonight as a low pressure system travels eastward. This low will deepen and become stronger as it pushes east and will allow for conditions to become more active as your Saturday night ticks in.

Winter Storm Warning is in effect for all counties in the Wabash Valley until 7 AM EST Monday.

TIMING: of this system has been consistent and looks to nose in by our late Saturday night around midnight EST.  Sleet and/or a few snow flurries could start even a few hours before midnight or a little after.


Storm Team 10 Futurecast keeps a steady stream of snow in place for your Sunday morning and throughout most of Sunday. I believe early Sunday and again through the early evening is where we will see our most active and moderate to heavy snowfall.


The snow/sleet line stays around the US-50 corridor with the heaviest of the snow near the I-70 track.  It looks at this time that the system will be mostly out of our region by early Monday morning.


HOW MUCH: This winter storm and the tracking has changed quite a lot through the last few days. This is the most current precipitation potential outlook as the models have updated through our Saturday. Once again the heaviest of the snowfall looks to be around the I-70 corridor 4″ – 7″ with minor ice accumulation. There may be locally heavier neighborhoods that might accumulate up to 8″+. As you travel further south, the better chance for more ice, snowfall totals could push up to 5″. Depending on the mixture line, those southern totals will fluctuate.


Stay tuned to Storm Team 10 as we will have updates through the morning and tomorrow afternoon.

Weekend Winter Storm

February 28th, 2014 at 1:03 pm by under Weather, WTHI Blog

A few round of winter weather will impact the Wabash Valley this weekend. One much more potent than the other.

The first chance to see snow will move in through the overnight tonight into Saturday morning. This won’t be a major event with only an inch of snow at most expected.

Saturday will be dry and warmer with daytime highs back in the lower 40s.

A Winter Storm Watch goes into effect at 1 AM EST on Sunday. Snow & ICE accumulations are possible beginning around 1 AM Sunday through Monday morning.

winter storm watch Futurecast 1

The snow/sleet line looks to be just north of the I-70 corridor. Expect snow north and a snow/sleet mix elsewhere. This is Sunday morning.

Futurecast 2

Most of the Valley will continue to see a mix of mainly sleet and snow into the evening on Sunday. Here’s 7 PM:

Futurecast 3

We’ll start to see the sleet/snow line dip south after the 10 o’clock hour Sun. Snow becomes the main precip type. A bulk to the precip exits the area by early Monday morning. The Winter Storm Warning expires at 7 a.m. EST Monday.

Futurecast 4Futurecast 5

Highest snowfall north of I-70 with 6-8″ and isolated spots up to 10″ possible. The snow/sleet line still isn’t a sure thing, but where sleet mixes in mainly along and south of I-70, snowfall accumulations will be a bit less but up to 0.25″ of ice is possible. Either way, travel will become dangerous and should be limited during the second half of the weekend.

precip potential

Stay tuned to Storm Team 10 as we head through the weekend.



February 26th, 2014 at 4:48 pm by under Weather, WTHI Blog

We’re tracking a developing winter storm that has the potential to bring a combination of freezing rain, sleet and snow this weekend.  In the meantime, it will be quite cold.7day


February 25th, 2014 at 7:03 pm by under Weather, WTHI Blog

7dayA cold front will drop across the region tonight and bring very cold conditions for the next few days.  Then, another system will move in Friday night.  This has the potential to bring snow, then a possibility of  snow and freezing rain by Sunday.  We’ll continue to track this developing situation for you.

Severe Threat For Today

February 20th, 2014 at 11:36 am by under Weather, WTHI Blog

The Storm Prediction Center has expanded the ‘slight risk’ of severe storms area to include the entire Wabash Valley. Damaging winds gusts up 60+ mph and flash flooding are the main concerns. It isn’t out of the question storms embedded in the line could contain rotation leading to brief spin-ups, although straight line winds look to be a bigger issue. Main timing of this is between 4 and 8 p.m. EST.

severe risk

A line of t-storms develop along the cold front impacting our IL counties first just after 6 p.m. EST/5 p.m. CST. The line will push into our IN counties around 7 p.m. EST. We could see a few isolated thunderstorms popping-up ahead of the main line. These storms have the potential to reach severe limits with damaging wind gusts.

Futurecast 1Futurecast 2

The line of thunderstorms will begin to exit our IL and impact mainly our IN locations around 8 p.m. EST. This is a very typical “squall line” set-up with all the upper-level atmospheric support needed for strong storm development. By 9 p.m. EST, this quick moving line will move into central Indiana and start to exit the Wabash Valley. Severe threat diminishes at this point as well.

Futurecast 3Futurecast 4

Strong winds (45+ mph gusts) continue during the overnight/early Friday morning. Cold air returns & a few snow flurries are possible.

Futurecast 5

Stay tuned to Storm Team 10 throughout the day as we continue to bring you the latest both on-air and online at


February 19th, 2014 at 5:46 pm by under Weather, WTHI Blog

A very strong center of low pressure will be moving into the area and bring with it a chance of thunderstorms, strong wind and occasional heavy rainfall.  Storm Team 10 is tracking this powerful storm and will keep you informed.storms


February 17th, 2014 at 4:43 pm by under Uncategorized, Weather, WTHI Blog

Finally, some warmer weather is moving in.  However, it could also bring a chance of rain.  There may even be some thunder on Thursday!7day

Winter Weather on the Way For Monday

February 16th, 2014 at 7:20 pm by under Weather, WTHI Blog

Our next winter weather system set to move in during the morning hours on Monday in Illinois first and into our Indiana counties in the mid-morning/midday hours. A Winter Weather Advisory will be in effect  for our Illinois counties from 6 a.m. – 6 p.m. CST Monday and in Indiana from noon through 7 p.m. EST.

winter weather advisory

This is another one of the tricky winter systems where the snow/sleet/freezing rain line will set-up through the heart of the Wabash Valley. Temps will be between the 31° – 35° range from north to south.

Here is Futurecast throughout the day on Monday:

10 a.m. EST:

Futurecast 1

3 p.m. EST:

Futurecast 2

8 p.m. EST:

Futurecast 3

NORTH OF I-70: . A snow/sleet mixture will set-up north of I-70 and change into more of a sleet/freezing rain mixture after midday. Freezing rain will transition back into snow between approximately 3 – 5 p.m. EST.  This area has the highest snowfall potential, around 2″ -4″ plus 0.10″ ice.

I-70 Corridor: Warmer air will be in place along the I-70 corridor which means this area will experience more of a freezing rain/rain mix event for most of the day before transitioning back into snow at approximately 3 – 5 p.m. EST. Look for 1″ -2″ of snow + 0.10″ ice.

South of the I-70 Corridor: The “tricky” freezing line will bounce back and forth along and south of the I-70 line tomorrow creating the toughest part of the event to forecast. It looks like this area will experience a light freezing rain/sleet mixture until midday then changing to mostly rain, perhaps an occasional freezing rain mix in the afternoon. There is a chance we could see the precip changing into snow briefly on the back edge heading into the evening hours, but right now it looks like a bulk of the “snow” potential stays at bay along and north of I-70.  Less than 1″ of snow is possible plus some light icing.

precip potential

This system will exit the Valley after 8 p.m. EST to the east. Keep in mind the most “potent” precipitation times will be in the afternoon which will make for a slick and difficult evening commute home.

Warmer temperatures move in for the remainder of the week with highs back into the 40s by Tuesday.

We’ll keep you posted with the latest as we track this next weather system to impact the Wabash Valley.



February 12th, 2014 at 6:58 pm by under Weather, WTHI Blog

Looks like some warmer weather is ahead!  Here’s a look at the 7-day forecast.7day

Winter Storm Update

February 4th, 2014 at 7:09 am by under Weather, WTHI Blog

A winter system we’ve been tracking over the past week arrives in the Wabash Valley today. A Winter Storm Warning begins for most of the Valley at 1/12c this afternoon and are the counties highlighted in pink. In purple is the area for a Winter Weather Advisory. This includes Effingham, Jasper, Crawford, Lawrence, Richland and Clay counties in Illinois. The advisory also goes in to effect at noon CST.

winter storm warning

Lighter snow will be possible out ahead of the bulk of moisture this morning. Heavier snow will begin just after midday today and bring moderate to significant snowfall during the late afternoon through early Wednesday morning. Below are Futurecast images from noon, 5 PM and 7 PM.

Futurecast 1 Futurecast 2 Futurecast 3

Snow will mix with sleet at times south of I-70 which will cut snowfall potential down in those areas. Highest snowfall totals will be along and north of the interstate with 7-9″ possible. Along the I-70 corridor, we could still potentially see a brief sleet mix but it looks to be mostly snow with snowfall potential of 5-8″. To the south, 3-5″ of snow plus 1″ of sleet and potentially 0.1″ of ice.

precip potential

Snowfall totals have increased slightly because of the positioning of the sleet/snow line. At this point, it looks like that transition line will lift as far north as I-70, although it appears Terre Haute will see mostly snow. With more areas expecting more snow and less of a sleet mix, snowfall potential has slightly increased.

Measurable snow tapers off during the morning hours on Wednesday but blowing snow will continue to be as concern as well as dangerous travel. Only emergency travel will be recommended.

We’ll continue to bring you the latest weather updates throughout the day on-air and online.